Import compliance is not an easy task. The requirements for importing goods into the United States have become increasingly complex. In our more than 20 years of operation, World Logistics MIA has witnessed the tightening of customs regulations, an increase in the number of agencies involved in the process, additional documentation requirements, and most recently, new software to automate the process. It is no wonder that many businesses struggle to understand what is required for import compliance.

Our team of licensed import brokers and expert staff works with you every step of the way, in many cases becoming an extension of your business. We can work directly with your suppliers in order to help prepare the documentation right from the farm, winery, manufacturing plant or studio, in order to facilitate a smooth import process. We even keep the shipper details on file to allow us to quickly prepare for new shipments.

Once your shipment arrives, our team is online, on the phone and on the ground to literally handhold the process such that your time sensitive import receives priority handling. Our large network of agents and the Miami International Airport and the Port Of Miami, as well as airports and ports beyond, is what makes the difference in whether your shipment is handled rapidly, or pushed to the side.

The import process consists of filing the correct documentation in order to secure the release of goods by Customs and Border Protection, allow them to collect duties, capture statistics and ensure that all legal requirements are met. Each tariff classification has different import requirements according to the country of origin. Each is overseen by different government agencies. World Logistics MIA takes pride on our ability to zero in on the specific documentation requirements such that your shipment is processed quickly.

In the import/export business, time is literally money, as issues with paperwork will lead to delays that for some shipments will result in spoilage or risk of loss, while for others will result in costly bonded storage fees that may not have been built into your financial projections.

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