No More Freight Forwarding Nightmares

Have you had the frustrating experience of struggling to find a flexible and reliable logistics expert who can guide you through the ever-changing export requirements necessary to your trade? At World Logistics MIA, time and time again we also saw our customers struggling to find a reliable way to resupply their shippers with goods and materials exported from the United States. Because of this, we know the importance of quickly and dependably transporting cargo or merchandise to your overseas suppliers. Therefore, we built a dedicated export team focused on freight forwarding to route your supplies and materials anywhere around the globe.

Our specialized exporting department has provided our customers the support needed to properly transport any cargo/merchandise to their overseas suppliers for over 10 years. During our time in freight forwarding, we’ve cultivated close relationships with airlines and steamship lines, allowing us to give you the clearest breakdown of your transit costs, across all of the top carriers. These relationships also allow us to keep you aware of any delays in the shipping of your goods, supplies and materials to their final destination. We’ve made freight forwarding a cornerstone of our business for 10 years because we’re dedicated to providing transparent service.

Freight Options

We offer a variety of freight options to help you stock your overseas suppliers with the materials they need. From land to sea, we cover every aspect of transporting your materials and supplies. We can help if you’re shipping expensive or hazardous cargo which therefore requires a private charter or personal courier. Our expertise also gives us knowledge of handling materials that must travel a great distance by road or barge. Regardless of the situation, we can ensure your exported goods reach your overseas suppliers reliably and quickly.

We provide freight options such as –

  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Sea – Air Freight
  • Private Charters
  • Courier Services
  • Road Transport
  • Barge Transport

Forwarding Options

Our specialized export team also offers guidance and expert knowledge of forwarding services. At World Logistics MIA, we understand the importance of having all proper paperwork and legality issues with US customs and other regulatory agencies handled. We make sure all the paperwork is properly handled, and all materials are correctly packaged. This makes providing your overseas suppliers with goods and materials a breeze.

We can provide forwarding services such as –

  • Airwaybill drafts
  • Bill of lading drafts
  • AES – Export declaration Filing
  • PGA- Export declaration filing
  • Certificates of origin
  • Hazardous Material Certificates
  • Marking and Strapping
  • Door Transportation
  • Packing and Crating