World Logistics MIA has extensive experience in the use of foreign-trade zones (FTZs) and bonded warehouses in order to reduce customs duties and fees on certain imported goods. We are able to coordinate fast and efficient customs clearance of imported goods into and out of foreign-trade zones and bonded warehouse terminals. Our services include handling of documentation, customs record keeping, tracking inventory and reporting.

Our 20 years of customs brokerage and logistics experience has given us deep insights into the operations of bonded warehouse companies and FTZ operators in order to consult with our clients on the right solution. We then work with our clients on their processes and procedures to take best advantage of these fee deferral zones, as well as prepare all required documentation on their behalf.

Paying Too Much In Customs Duties?

If your business is not yet taking advantage of Free Trade Zones and Bonded Warehouses, World Logistics MIA can consult with you on how these tools can fit into your process to save you money. Already an expert? Let us manage your clearance into and out of these zones.

Need Help With Customs Brokerage?

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