Our team at World Logistics MIA are licensed and highly experienced to properly guide you through the complex requirements of customs brokerage, allowing your goods to be transported to your customers with ease.

Complicated clearance processes and ever increasing licensing requirements put your business at risk of a delay to your shipments without a licensed, highly experienced customs clearance specialist like World Logistics MIA.

We offer a variety of customs brokerage solutions for our clients including:

  • 24/7 Pre-clearance Entry Process to ensure speedy delivery
  • First-time Importer Full Set Up to ensure proper lawfulness
  • Importer Security Filings 10+2
  • FDA Prior Notice
  • Drawback Entries
  • Classification and Valuation of Tariffs and Duties
  • Quota and Countervailing Entries
  • Customs Bonds Issued and Renewed
  • RLF- Remote Location Filings
  • National Permit
  • CBP/ AQI Clearances
  • In-transits 7512
  • Other Government Agencies Release (OGA, FDA, USDA, EPA, DOT)
  • Fumigation Coordination
  • ABI Certified / ACH Certified
  • AMS -Automated Manifest Systems

To learn more about our customs brokerage options, contact us.