The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) is becoming the standard system for import and export regulatory management and the means by which the government determines admissibility. This paperless initiative is designed to streamline manual processes.

World Logistics MIA has made significant investments in training and technology to efficiently comply with U.S. laws and regulations and make sure that we are handling our clients’ imports in the fastest way possible.

You file ISF data, import truck manifests and responses to forms 28, 29 and 4647 through the ACE. Plus all supporting documentation. Through the ACE Portal we are able to run reports, create blanket declarations and arrive/export in-bonds. ACE also interacts with Partner Government Agency (PGA) systems to allow interagency processing with the USDA, FDA and more. The team at World Logistics MIA has become experts at the ACE Single Window in order to further enhance the efficiency with which we serve our clients.

Relax, We Know ACE

As an importer, you are responsible for accurate record keeping. Customs import paperwork has always been complex because of the regulatory initiatives. But with ACE, in order to ensure compliance and also to clear your goods into the United States. Importers must also learn a new software tool. World Logistics MIA has you covered. Our team can quickly process the required documentation, due to our work with the Ace Customs Portal.

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